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We’re proud to take care of more than just cats and dogs.

Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital provides both routine and comprehensive medical care for dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, reptiles, and other exotic animals.

CVCAH’s services include, but are not limited to:

Wellness Exams
Which vaccinations should your pet have? How often should he or she see the vet? What kinds of parasites do you need to be concerned with? What about protecting your pet from Lyme disease and heartworm? Let the team at Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital work with you to create a customized plan for your pet.
According to PetFinder, over 10 million pets go missing every year, and one in three pets will go missing at some point in their life. A microchip is a tiny device which contains unique identifying information about a pet. It is approximately the size of a grain of rice contains a code that corresponds to the contact information of the pet cat or dog’s owner. This allows missing cats and dogs to be returned to their rightful home as quickly as possible.
Parasite Prevention and Treatment
Protection is key when it comes to your pet’s health. Fleas and ticks are not only a source of irritation to your pet, but they can also harbor disease and adversely affect your pet’s health. Heartworm is a dangerous parasite that lives in the heart of dogs and cats, damages the heart muscle, and can be fatal. These scary diseases can be prevented with regular prevention.
Spay and Neuter
With few exceptions, most veterinarians recommend that ALL cats and dogs be spayed (female pets) or neutered (male pets). When getting ready to think about spay/neuter, it’s important to ask your veterinarian simple questions like at what age it should be done, how it is done, and possible complications associated with anesthesia and surgery. We’re here to answer all of your questions.
In-Hospital Treatment
In the middle of an urgent or emergency situation? Our team is here to quickly diagnose and treat your pet when they need immediate care. We know this can be a stressful time for you and your pet, and we’ll be there to make it as easy on both of you as possible.
If your pet is frequently itching, scratching or biting his skin, he may be suffering from an allergy or skin condition. Veterinary dermatology treats common skin conditions and pet allergies, addressing both the underlying cause for your pet’s discomfort as well as providing immediate relief from painful symptoms. Our veterinarians, Dr. Gandolfi, Dr. Bercovitz, and Dr. Harper, all have significant experience treating pet allergies and skin conditions. Our advanced diagnostic tests make it easier for our veterinary dermatology team to precisely identify the skin condition affecting your pet and take immediate steps to relieve your pet’s pain.

Your pet can suffer from the same seasonal allergies that affect humans. Allergic dermatitis is one of the most common conditions affecting pets. Pollen, mold, ragweed and dust mites may trigger pet allergies. Rather than experiencing watery eyes or congestion, however, pets suffer from itchy skin. Repeated biting and scratching creates irritated, moist skin that is susceptible to secondary bacterial infections. Prompt treatment for pet allergies is essential to relieving a pet’s painful itching symptoms and preventing secondary skin infections or more complex dermatological problems.

Food allergies to common pet food ingredients, including beef and chicken by-products, dairy, soy, wheat, and corn, also cause pets to itch or scratch their skin. In addition to itchy skin, food allergies can trigger gastrointestinal upset and ear inflammation. Pets with a food allergy may bite or scratch at their skin, frequently bite or lick their paws, and even drag their rear across the ground in an attempt to scratch it. Since pets with food allergies are often allergic to more than one food ingredient, diagnosing a food allergy can be a complicated process.

Our veterinarians have substantial experience diagnosing and treating pet allergies, both those caused by food and by environmental allergens, such as pollen. If you suspect that your pet is suffering from an allergy, schedule an appointment with Dr. Gandolfi, Dr. Bercovitz, or Dr. Harper as soon as possible. Diagnostic tests or an elimination diet may be necessary to precisely identify the cause for your pet’s allergies. Once the allergen triggers are identified, our doctors work closely with pet owners to create a custom treatment plan. Depending on the trigger, this may include a dietary change, reduced exposure to a seasonal allergy, and medication to manage allergy symptoms.

In addition to treating pet allergies, our veterinary team also treats common skin conditions such as mange and ringworm. Ringworm is a common bacterial infection that can affect cats, dogs, and other small mammals. Pets with a ringworm infection have circular lesions on their limbs and head. The skin will be flaky, and some pets may even appear to be “bald.” Ringworm can easily spread to other pets, and even humans, so prompt treatment is critical. Mange is caused by tiny parasites called mites; symptoms of mange include intense scratching and biting of the skin.

Prevention is much more simple than treatment. Many of the diseases that can affect dogs and cats are preventable through proper pet vaccinations. Let the staff at Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital guide you through setting up a vaccination schedule for your pet to keep him or her protected.
In-House Laboratory
Quicker diagnosis means quicker treatment. Our state-of-the-art laboratory allows our team to perform tests like complete blood chemistry (CBC), coagulation profiles, urinalysis, Lyme disease, and heartworm tests.
Dental Care
Your pet’s dental health affects their overall health in a very impactful way. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs show symptoms of oral disease. In addition to dental checks during annual exams, we’ll also want to discuss a teeth cleaning schedule for your pet. We’re proud to offer:

  • Dental Prophylaxis
  • Dental Radiography
  • Oral Surgery
At Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital, we maintain a fully equipped, state-of-the-art surgical suite. This allows us to give our patients the same quality of surgical care that we would expect for ourselves. We perform routine, emergency, and advanced surgical procedures using traditional and laser techniques.
Medical Acupuncture is a therapeutic method that usually involves the insertion of sterile needles. Modern medical practitioners developed medical acupuncture as an adaptation to Chinese acupuncture. The benefits of acupuncture include but are not limited to 1. Digestive ailments 2. Respiratory Illness 3. Neurological problems such as sciatica, nerve based pain pathologies 4. Musculoskeletal complaints including back pain, knee, neck or shoulder pain. Acupuncture is used for pre and post-surgical care as well.

Castro Valley and Hayward Community Services

Veterinary Care for rescued wildlife at Sulphur Creek Nature Center. Internship programs for both RVT (veterinary assistants) and veterinary students. Participation in public and private pet rescue programs. Support for local school sports activities.

Some of the companion animals we’ve treated:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Ferrets
  • Birds (Parrots, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Macaws, Conures, Chickens, Roosters, Ducks, Canaries)
  • Rabbits
  • Reptiles (Geckos, Lizards, Chameleons, Iguanas, Bearded Dragons)
  • Turtles, Tortoises
  • Chinchillas
  • Hamsters
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Hedgehogs
  • Fish (Goldfish, Koi, Beta)

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