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Here at Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital, we have many incentives for our clients, so our clients can benefit from keeping their pets healthy. Check back to this page periodically, or call us at (510) 582-6311 for the most current offers from Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital, your caring Castro Valley Veterinarian.

We have ongoing and periodic specials to help you save while providing the best care for your pet.

Please let us know at the time of services if you qualify for a discount or service and present any necessary paperwork, if applicable. Promotions or discounts must be mentioned at the time of service and before payment.

Sorry, but we are not able to retract any discounts or promotions. Also, we cannot change any transactions at a later date if any promotion information is not brought to our attention at the time of service.

Promotions are subject to change or may be discontinued at any time. Only one discount may apply per family pet at one time. We reserve the right to change the promotions at any time, even if the website has not yet changed. Some programs may be seasonal or available only during certain months. Certain restrictions apply. Not all promotional programs may be running at the same time. Thank you for your understanding.

Ongoing promotions include:

Yelp Check-in Offer

Check-in on Yelp when you come visit, and get a free nail trim for your pet!

Complimentary Examination for Adopted Shelter Pets

Complimentary examination when you adopt a pet from one of our local animal shelters. Adoption paperwork must be presented at time of visit with no other veterinary visit within the last two months.

Senior & Military Discounts

Discount on veterinary services for senior citizens age 65 and up, for military personnel, and for service pets.

Ferret "CLIFF Notes" Promotion

We are now offering a discount to ferret legalization supports and supporters of the Ferrets Anonymous/Legalize If someone mentions “CLIFF Notes” when they bring in a ferret they will get $15.00 off the visit. If you help the legalization effort by joining the “3000 Club” you will get $30.00 off the visit.

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