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Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital
Dr Rene Gandolfi

Dr. Rene Gandolfi, founder & chief veterinarian at Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital, brings extraordinary experience and resources...

Dr Rene Gandolfi

Kim Bercovitz is an East Bay native, growing up right here in Hayward California and attending Moreau Catholic High School.  From there...

Our Goals
Our commitment to the community

Fix Our Ferals

Dr. Gandolfi, Founding
Medical Director

Dusty Paws

Foster care for abandoned and neglected animals

Hopalong Animal Rescue

Eliminating euthanasia of cats and dogs through rescue

Sulphur Creek Nature Center

Wildlife education and rehabilitation facility

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Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital

strives to provide the best veterinary care humanly possible: to alleviate pain, cure disease, and maintain the health of animals using all the skills, training and technology available to us; and to do so with the highest regard for the human animal bond. Our experience includes treating domestic and exotic pets including birds, reptiles, ferrets, fish, rabbits, dogs, and cats.